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Some customers may want to see their usage data in a tabular format. To view data this way, all you need to do is select one of the options from the “Your Water Use-Tables” tab. Each of these tables shows your usage data summarized by month, week, day or hour depending on your preference.

Weekly Table
If you choose to view the Water Usage by Month table, selecting one of the months will take you to the Water Usage by Week table. Likewise, selecting one of the weeks on the table will open the Water Usage by Day table. Selecting one of the days will open the Water Usage by Hour table.

If you have a particular date range you want to view, you can select the range in either the weekly, daily or hourly charts. Enter the range in the search box at the top of the page, either using the format mm/dd/yyyy, or select a date from the pop up calendar.

Exporting DataExporting Tools
If you wish to export your consumption data to Microsoft Excel, or another program capable of displaying a .csv file, navigate to the table you wish to export (month, week, day or hour) and click on the green spreadsheet picture just above the table. This will open a dialogue box asking if you want to open the table for viewing or if you want to save the table. Selecting "open" will open the default spreadsheet program on your computer (such as Excel) and create a spreadsheet that you can use for water usage analysis or save for future reference.