Setting Alerts

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Setting alerts to monitor your water usage is easy. Just choose from the following options: "Tiered Alerts" or "Daily Alerts by Gallon." Then decide how you want to be notified - by e-mail or text message. Then get started.


In Cary, we have a tiered rate structure with inclining block rates. That means at certain thresholds any water used over that amount becomes more expensive. Residential water users can set an alert that will send them a text message or e-mail when they move into the next tier. Once enabled, users will be alerted at the 5,000, 8,000 and over 23,000 gallon threshold during the billing period.

Tiered Rates Chart

Another option is to set up a daily alert. This alert will notify you if your account exceeds your desired number of gallons in a day. While this alert is not real-time, meaning the alert won't be sent at the exact moment you exceed the amount you selected, it will show you had a day with higher usage then your preset number.

Gallon Alert


To set up an alert, select "Create Alerts" from the "Take Action" dropdown, or click on the "Add Alert" button on the "Manage Alerts" page. Select the alert type you want to add. If you select a gallon alert, you will need to enter the daily threshold that you want an alert sent. If you enter the tiered alert you won’t need to enter a threshold, as the alert will send at each residential water tier. Once you have the type of alert selected, hit "insert" and the alert will be set until you change or delete it.