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Usage data is summarized in a number of ways -- by month, week, day and hour.

The monthly chart shows a rolling 13 months of data. This allows you to compare the most recent month with the same month from the previous year.

Monthly Water Chart

Hover your mouse over one of the months on the chart to see your consumption in gallons. Select one of the months to see your weekly usage.

The weekly chart will then show your usage during the selected month.

Weekly Chart

By hovering your mouse over one of the weeks on the graph, you will see your consumption in gallons. Select one of the weeks to see your daily usage.

The daily chart reflects your usage over seven days of the week selected.

Daily Chart

Once again, hovering over the bars of the chart will allow you to view your consumption in gallons. Selecting one of the days on the chart will produce a chart reflecting your hourly usage.

The hourly chart shows your water usage during a 24-hour period.

Hourly Chart

If you have a particular date range you want to view, hover over the “Your Water Use-Graphs” icon at the top of the Aquastar page.  From the drop-down you can select the range in either weekly, daily or hourly to create your chart. Once the date range is selected you can alter the time frame by entering a new date using the format mm/dd/yyyy or selecting a date from the pop up calendar.