Getting Familiar

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Main Page:

Aquastar’s home page is a dashboard that displays four charts: Monthly, Weekly, Daily and Hourly water usage.

The monthly chart displays 13 months of your water usage. The weekly chart displays your usage for each week of the selected month. The daily shows your usage for the selected week, and the hourly chart shows your usage for the selected day of the week. Drill down into each of these charts by clicking on them. By doing this, the corresponding charts will change to display usage for your new selected date range.

Learn more about water usage graphs.

Each of the graphs displays the usage in gallons along the vertical or y-axis, and the time period along the horizontal or x-axis. If you are interested in the actual gallons for any of the bars, just hover your mouse over the bar and the time period and usage in gallons will be displayed.

Customers that have more than one meter set up on their account – this is most common for customers that have both a water meter for their house, and a separate irrigation meter -- can change the focus of the charts they are looking at by selecting the meter they wish to view in the upper right portion of the title bar. If you only have one meter this drop down will not be displayed.


At the top of the Web portal, navigation tabs give you options to view your data in graphs or tables and provide links to help you understand your usage, create alerts, learn more about Aquastar, and manage your account.

Your Water Use – Graphs
This tab gives you the ability to return to the main dashboard, as well as the choice to view your usage graphically by month, week, day and hour. Additionally, you can compare your daily usage to the high and low temperature and precipitation for the day. Get details on water usage graphs.

Your Water Use – Tables
This tab gives you the ability to view your usage in a tabular form by month, week, day and hour. You can also download your data to Excel. Get more details about water use tables.

Take Action
This tab is designed to help you analyze your usage data. The "compare, conserve, and catch leaks" options will direct you to the water conservation portion of the Town’s website. The "create alerts" section allows both text and email usage alerts to be set up. "Contact us" allows a quick way to contact the Town regarding either billing or water use reduction questions.

About Aquastar
This tab has two links: One goes to these instructions, available in both paper and video format, and the other to the Aquastar project page where you can learn the history behind the Aquastar project.

Manage Your Account
This final tab has information on how to set up usage alerts, change your email address, and view your account information.