New Development

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cleared area The Town of Cary Stormwater Plan for Nitrogen Control is intended to protect water quality for present and future residents of the town and surrounding regions by limiting the amount of pollutants including but not limited to nitrogen in stormwater runoff. Specific objectives include: protection of riparian buffers, control of nitrogen export from development, control of peak stormwater runoff, and the use of best management practices.


New Development

Rules apply to new development within the Town and its extraterritorial jurisdiction. This includes submittals of site and subdivision plans and building permit requests for single family homes with more than 1 acre of disturbed land. Other land disturbing activities are considered case by case.

Plan submittals must include a completed nitrogen control plan. Nitrogen export calculations from the approved storm water plan are needed.

For technical assistance, call (919) 469-4030.

Nitrogen Control Plan forms

  • Commercial, Industrial, Residential Sites with known impervious area (PDF or HTML)
  • Residential Subdivisions with no known building footprints (PDF or HTML)
Appendix C: Nitrogen Calculations