Erosion Control FAQs

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What happens after my plan is approved and I have submitted my grading permit application?
Once your application package has been received it will be issued a grading permit. The plans then will be distributed to the Stormwater Control Technicians who will then contact the financially responsible person and arrange a preconstruction meeting for the site.

Who inspects my site for compliance issues?
The Stormwater Engineering Technicians will inspect the site for compliance with the Erosion Control Plan. The State of North Carolina Division of Water Quality will inspect the site concerning the NPDES NCG010000 Permit for Construction Activities that was issued to the financially responsible person.

What happens if I start my project without getting a grading permit issued?
The site would be placed under Notice of Violation if the site has no grading permit and if any offsite sedimentation occurred fines may be levied against the owner. Also, the grading permit fee would be doubled under the guidance of Policy 72.

Matt Flynn
Stormwater Field Services Administrator
(919) 469-4347