The Town of Cary Stormwater Division has several programs that include educational and regulatory initiatives to encourage environmentally sound development. Stormwater ordinances address floodplain management, watershed protection, illegal discharges and sediment and erosion control. Join us in keeping our waterways clean and clear by using green stormwater techniques in your yard.

NPDES Phase II Program

Cary is covered under the second phase of the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) program as part of the federal Clean Water Act. Learn more.

Benefits of some of these programs include:

  • Reducing nitrogen and other pollutants in the Cape Fear River and Neuse River Basins. This helps protect the Cape Fear's Jordan Lake, which is the Town of Cary's source of drinking water.
  • Providing measures to meet stormwater regulations of the federal Clean Water Act.
  • Preserving aquatic life through cleaner streams in both river basins.

Storm Drainage Technical Guidance

There are many ways to address wet yards. Staff is available to help you determine which tactics may be most appropriate for your yard or whether your drainage issues could be addressed through policies for storm drainage improvement requests and for storm water capital improvement requests.

Urban Transition Buffers (UTBs) provide a transition from water bodies and environmentally sensitive areas associated with water bodies to areas which are less fragile and appropriate for more intense uses and development. Learn more.

Floodplain Program

Property owners within floodplains or near flood-prone streams should review the Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM). The location of the FEMA floodplain in relation to your property may determine whether flood insurance is required by your lender or be helpful if you choose to purchase flood insurance no matter where you live. Consult your insurance company to see what your options are. Cary has restrictions on development within the floodplain that require a floodplain development permit.

Read more about floodplain management and get answers to frequently asked questions.  

Stormwater Capital Projects

The Stormwater Division makes improvements to the storm sewer system to maintain infrastructure and to mitigate flooding and property damage. Learn more.