Water Waste Ordinance

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Read the ordinance (Sec. 36-83).

This year-round policy prohibits overwatering your landscape in three ways: directly watering impervious surfaces (streets, driveways, or other hardscaped areas) to the extent that water is flowing into storm drains; and overwatering to the extent that the soil can no longer absorb water, which then flows off the landscape into the street or down parking lots. It also prohibits customers from negligently wasting water or allowing known leaks, breaks, or malfunctions from going unrepaired beyond a reasonable amount of time.

Water runoff is wasteful, causes long term damage to sidewalks and streets, and adversely affects water quality. When water enters storm drains it carries with it all the residues that are on streets and driveways, including sediment, nutrients, salts and other pollutants. This non-point source pollution is a major concern in managing water quality.

The goal of Cary's water conservation program is to educate customers on the benefits of water conservation. Town staff is available to recommend ways to improve irrigation systems efficiency.


Violators receive an oral or written notice of violation. Repeated or flagrant "Waste While Watering" violators can receive civil penalties of $100 for the first day of the offense, $250 for the second day, $500 for the third day and $1,000 for each day thereafter that the violation continues.


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