Odor Control

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Being a good neighbor by controlling odors is a part of the normal operation of every Town of Cary water reclamation facility. The Town implements proactive measures to manage sewer odors and regularly monitors our existing treatment facilities, pipeline network, and pump stations for odor releases. We also include odor control design in new and existing sewer system projects as part of our commitment to address odor issues proactively. Here are some of the technologies and methods used to minimize and/or neutralize odors: 

Activated Carbon Scrubbers

Foul air is forced through a bed of activated carbon granules that adsorb the odor.  


White carbon scrubber     Odor Control Wager and Manhole._resizejpg

Biological Treatment 

Foul air is passed through a biologically active
filter (or scrubber) where bacteria digest contaminants and neutralize odors. 

BioFiltaire w PureAir OCS





Chemical Addition to the Wastewater Flow 

Odor neutralizing additives are introduced directly into the wastewater at strategic locations throughout the system.

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