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Water makes up more than 90 percent of beer and more than 98 percent of coffee, meaning it takes high quality water to make high quality beer and coffee. With that in mind, here are some common water quality characteristics brewers evaluate before making a new batch. This data is updated annually:

Water Quality Characteristic  Average Range (ppm*)
Alkalinity, as CaCO3 35 19 - 45
Bicarbonate Estimate (Alk x1.22) 43 23 - 55
Calcium  8.21 5.69 -10.04
Carbonate Estimate (Alk x 0.60) 21 11 - 27
Chloramines (April to February) 3.01  0.8 - 3.98
Magnesium  2.75 1.77 - 3.35
Potassium  No Results  Assume Negligible 
Sodium  30.9  No Range
Sulfate  39 No Range

*ppm is parts per million

For more information on Cary’s water characteristics, view the 2019 Water Quality Report and the Water Quality Testing Summary. Please keep in mind that the Town of Cary usually switches from using chloramine disinfectant to chlorine in March.


Rachel Monschein
Water System Laboratory Supervisor
(919) 362-5507