Water Quality Protection and Flood Relief Report

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Water Quality Protection and Flood Relief Opportunities

The Town has taken considerable measures to protect water quality and provide relief for flooding. These measures include innovative ordinances to protect stream buffers and control runoff by development. They include policies to evaluate citizen requests to reduce flooding and improve drainage. The Town has completed numerous projects to manage stormwater more effectively and improve streams. The Town completed a Stormwater Master Plan in 2013 and a Town Center Area Floodplain Study in 2006. The Town’s stormwater program operates under an NPDES Stormwater permit issued by the state of North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality.

Following are links to information on the Town’s website that describe these initiatives in more detail.

Water Quality Protection Ordinances
Stormwater Improvement Policies
Stormwater Projects
  • Projects done under Policy 35 and 146, including home purchases and using street funding  (see attachment)
  • Higgins Greenway and Stream Restoration (see attachment)
Stormwater Master Plan (with page references)

Stormwater Master Plan

   Pages of Interest

  • 2.1-2.8:  Stormwater Program History
  • 2.9-2.16: Summary of Federal & State Stormwater Regulation
  • 2.18*: Table 2-4 Summary of Town LDO related to Stormwater
  • 2.22: Table 2-5 Summary of Town Stormwater Requirements Exceeding State/Federal
  • 3:  Flooding Chapter
2006 TCAP Flood Study – Dewberry & Davis

Floodplains Quick Links

  • Select "TCAP Floodplain Report link

NPDES Phase II Stormwater Permit