Animal Care, Control, and Adoption FAQs

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1. I lost my pet - what do I do?
First, go to the Triangle Lost Pets website to post a lost pet listing. Stray animals found in Wake County are taken to the Wake County Animal Center, so check the Animal Center’s photo gallery - and keep checking it every few days. The Wake County Animal Center holds stray animals for three to five business days before they are available for adoption.

There are several other things you can do to find a lost pet, including distributing flyers and posting information online. Keep in mind that microchipping your pet before they leave home is the best way to ensure your pet will be returned to you.

2. I found a stray animal - now what?
First, go to a local vet or the Wake County Animal Center and check for a microchip - an electronic means of identification. If there is no microchip, go to the Triangle Lost Pets website and post a found pet listing. You can also contact Cary’s animal control officers at (919) 319-4517 or Wake County animal control at (919) 212-7387. Or, you can bring the animal to theWake County Animal Center when it is open. The Wake County Animal Center holds stray animals for three to five business days before they are available for adoption.

3. I would like to adopt a pet.
The Wake County Animal Center and its rescue partners adopt out thousands of pets every year. Browse the adoption gallery or visit the Animal Center today to find your new best friend.

4. I need low-cost spay/neuter services.
There are several low-cost spay/neuter services in Wake County. Contact one today and help us control the pet population.

5. I need to find low-cost rabies shots/microchips.
The Wake County Animal Center and municipalities conduct rabies/microchip clinics at different times throughout the year. Rabies shots are $5 and microchips are $10 at the special clinics.

6. I need to surrender my pet.
First, consider an alternative to surrendering your pet. There are many resources that can help with behavior problems, moving, military deployment, economic hardship, and other issues. If you must give up your pet and have no other option, consider keeping your pet until you can find a permanent home for the animal, or contact a rescue group. A shelter environment can be very stressful to an animal. If you cannot resolve the challenges you are having with your pet and you are unable to rehome your pet, please bring your pet to the Wake County Animal Center during normal business hours. Please bring your pet's vet records or some other proof of ownership.

7. I have questions about wildlife.
Find out what to do if you encounter orphaned, injured or nuisance wildlife.

8. I am researching animal-related ordinances.
Please refer to the Wake County Animal Control Ordinance and the Town's rules.

9. I am moving and looking for find pet-friendly housing.
heck out the Wake County Pet-Friendly Housing Guide to find a home that welcomes your pet. The guide lists more than 200 pet-friendly apartments in Wake County and their pet policies.