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Uniform Patrol

Uniform Patrol comprises three patrol districts that provide police services to the Town of Cary. The primary mission of each district is protection of life and property, and the prevention of crime. Uniform officers are responsible for patrolling 55 square miles and providing effective law enforcement services to over 160,000 residents and visitors. The Operations Bureau is commanded by Captain Randall Rhyne.

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In 2009, a Department re-organization occurred that focused available resources and personnel to the citizens of Cary. To achieve more balanced and uniformed coverage, the Town of Cary changed from two patrol districts to three, with each district having three or four patrol sectors. This change has allowed for more efficient use of agency supervisory resources.

Officers focus their attention on their assigned geographical areas, which has resulted in officers becoming more familiar with the community and crime trends. Additional benefits include increased officer availability during peak times and an increase in the volume of in-service training.

Officers are assigned to a specific sector within a district. The assignments are made for the long term to strengthen each officer's commitment to his or her area of the community. Field supervisors spend time interacting with their team and providing guidance with daily operations. Officers are encouraged to implement problem-solving techniques in cooperation with co-workers and with citizens.

Citizen Involvement

GeoPolicing emphasizes citizen interaction and participation in problem solving. Citizens will get to know the officers that are responsible for patrolling their district, and the officers will get to know them, too. Our success with GeoPolicing will be determined just as much by how our citizens feel about the program as it will by changes in crime statistics.

Other places that use GeoPolicing include Wilson, NC, Gastonia, NC, and Irvine, CA.

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