Halloween Safety

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  • Wear makeup instead of masks
  • Make sure costumes fit properly (not too long or too tight)
  • Carry a flashlight or light stick
  • Go with a group or parents and start early
  • Stay in your own neighborhood and use sidewalks
  • Cross streets at corners…STOP, LOOK and LISTEN before crossing!
  • Stop only at houses that are lighted or have Halloween decorations
  • Be careful on steps and do not touch pumpkins with candles in them
  • Never go into strangers houses no matter what anyone says!
  • Never eat candy or treats until your parents have checked every piece
  • Report anything that makes you feel uncomfortable to your parents


  • Check costumes for proper fit to avoid trips and falls
  • Ensure costumes are flame resistant
  • Try make-up instead of a mask (masks obstruct a child’s vision)
  • Select light colored costumes or use reflective strips
  • Use flashlights and light sticks
  • Accompany young children and plan a route in advance
  • Start early, preferably when it is light outside
  • Check out treats at home in a well-lighted place
  • Allow children to eat only unopened candies in their original wrappers
  • Report anything suspicious to the police department!

If you have questions please contact the Community Services officer at (919) 469-4324.