Traffic Schedule 12: Channelized intersections

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Town Code Reference: Sec. 34‑147. Turning at channelized intersections.

Right lane, right turn; left lane, left turn: Academy Street southward at Dry Avenue. Walnut Street westward at Kildaire Farm Road.

Left lane, straight through; right lane, right turn: Dry Avenue westward at Academy Street.

Left lane, left turn; right lane, straight through: Dry Avenue eastward at Academy Street.

Right lane, straight through, left lane, left turn: Kildaire Farm Road southward at Walnut Street.

Left lane, left turn; right lane, right turn and straight through: Walnut Street eastward at Walker Street.

(Code 1976, sec 16‑84; Code 1982, sec 12‑210; Ord. No. 86‑35, sec 1, 9‑11‑1986; Ord. No. 86‑41, sec 1, 11‑13‑1986; Ord. No. 95‑023, sec 1, 7‑13‑1995; Ord. No. 00‑032, sec 1, 1‑11‑2001)