Special Assessments

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The Town of Cary, like all North Carolina local governments, has the authority to levy special assessments for water and sewer, street improvements, sidewalks and nuisance abatements. 

A payment plan is typically established with the special assessment. In the event a property with a special assessment is sold, these assessments are generally paid at closing. Special assessments are liens that are attached to the property, not to the property owner.

Currently there are no Town of Cary special assessments.

Water & Sewer Development Fees

The Cary Town Council voted Jan. 9, 2003 to change the Utility System Extension and Connection Policy, enabling those citizens whose property has been involuntarily annexed to obtain water and sewer lines at a lower cost.

A homeowner who petitions for water and sewer lines will pay development fees, applicable connection charges and permit fees to connect to water and/or sewer service. Development fees and connection charges can be paid in three installment payments with no finance charges.

The communities listed below may have properties that owe Town of Cary water and sewer development fees. Please contact the Inspections & Permits Department at (919) 469-4340 to inquire about possible fees owed. 

Triangle Forest, Marilyn Cir
Hillsdale Forest
Greenwood Acres
Summerwinds 1 & 2
Summerwinds 3
Windsor Oaks
Bud El Acres, Logan Road and Woodland Drive
Piney Plains Road (2104-2212)
9520 Chapel Hill Road
Doylin Drive
Hazelwood, Sunrise Road