White Plains Cemetery

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Location: 100 Tolliver Court
Built: 1815
Designated in 2017

The White Plains Cemetery, also known as the Nathaniel Jones Graveyard, is the final resting place of Nathaniel Jones and his family. It is the oldest historic resource in Cary. 

Nathaniel Jones, who at one point owned over 10,000 acres of land in what is now eastern Cary, made important political and social contributions to Cary, Wake County and the State of North Carolina. He served as a Wake County Commissioner, Justice of the Peace, Sheriff, Clerk of Court. He was also a member of the North Carolina General Assembly, the Council of State, a delegate to the Constitutional Convention in Hillsborough in 1788 and a Patriot during the American Revolution. 

Jones named his house and property “White Plains” for the vast fields of cotton that surrounded his house. His Federal-style, plantation home, known as the Jones Manor, was located at what is today the southwest corner of Walnut Street and Greenwood Circle in Cary. The house was demolished during the 1950s.

His property at White Plains was one of four large tracts considered for the State Capitol, but the General Assembly eventually selected land belonging to Joel Lane  He is noted in the annals of Cary and Wake County history for his large landholdings and political contributions, but provisions in his will emancipating his slaves may be one of the most notable and documented aspects of his life.

For more information, read the Landmark Designation Report.

White Plains Cemetery

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