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Accident Reports
See Accident Reports

See Accounting

Adult Sports Leagues
See Adult Sports Leagues

Affordable Housing
The Affordable Housing Plan, adopted by the Town Council on May 11, 2000, is a chapter in the Town's Comprehensive Plan that provides long-term guidance to future land use and development decisions. The Plan includes strategies and initiatives to achieve a higher proportion of housing accessible to Town employees such as police officers and firefighters, as well as teachers, service workers, and others who seek affordable housing in Cary (See also Housing Resources). Planning,

(919) 469-4082.

Alternate Day Watering
See Alternate Day Watering.

See Sertoma Amphitheater, Regency Amphitheater

Animals, Dead
See Solid Waste Collection

Animals, Rules
See Pets

Animals, Wild
Sick or injured animals, animals that are treated cruelly, or animals running at large should be reported to Animal Control; also report any animal bites to humans or pets. Do not touch or try to capture any wild or stranger animal, especially those that may carry the rabies virus and even if you think the animal is dead; instead, report the location of the animal to Animal Control immediately. For help removing or repelling pesky wild animals not in your living space - such as bats in the attic or raccoons in the garbage - see PEST CONTROL in the Yellow Pages. See also Solid Waste Collection. Police, (919) 319-4517 or (919) 469-4012.

Annexation, Voluntary
Annexation is the process under state law by which property not within a town’s corporate limits may become part of that town. Planning, (919) 469-4082

Applause! Cary Youth Theatre
See Applause!

Appliance Disposal
See Solid Waste Collection

Art, Public
See Public Art

Backwater Valve
The North Carolina Building Code requires a backwater valve to be installed if the plumbing fixtures are below the top of the first, upstream manhole on the street. A properly operating backwater valve allows flow to go only in one direction, thus preventing wastewater from entering your building during regular sewer system maintenance or inadvertent sewer system backups. To find out if you have or need a backwater valve, check your plumbing plans or consult with your builder or professional plumber. If sewage backs up into your home, the cost to repair damages and clean up may be high, and towns cannot be held liable for damages when a backwater valve has not been installed by a property owner. Inspections & Permits, (919) 469-4340.

Ballfield Rental
Ballfield reservations and rentals may be made in person at the Parks, Recreation & Cultural Resources office at 111 James Jackson Avenue. Reservations may be made starting at 8:00 AM Monday for that week. Fields are available for rental from March through October. Parks, Recreation & Cultural Resources, (919) 469-4061

See bicycling

Boards & Commissions
See Boards and Commissions

Boat Rental
Bond Park provides pedal boats, fishing boats, canoes and sailboats for rent. For fees and the boathouse schedule, use the automated service at 469-4100. Parks, Recreation & Cultural Resources, 469-4061

Bond Park
See Fred G. Bond Metro Park

Building Permits
See Inspections & Permits

Bulk Reclaimed Water
The Town makes treated wastewater available under certain conditions for non-potable uses such as irrigation. This helps save drinking water.

Burning, Outdoor
Any outdoor burning requires a permit issued by the Cary Inspections and Permits Department. Inspections and Permits, (919) 469-4341.

See GoCary.