Symphony Lake BikerThis greenway encircles Symphony Lake with a smooth asphalt trail and skirts along the outdoor performance venue, Koka Booth Amphitheatre. On the east end of Symphony Lake, the trail connects to the Swift Creek Greenway, located just across Regency Parkway. Swift Creek Greenway crosses through Hemlock Bluffs Nature Preserve connecting to Ritter Park. The Symphony Lake greenway heads out to the west of the lake across a flood plain and connects to an asphalt greenway that winds along the western side of Regency Parkway finishing at Glade Park Road. Symphony Lake is the home of the yearly Cary Road Race.

Symphony Lake Greenway Map


Length: 1.8 miles

Trail Width/Surface: 10-foot wide asphalt

Used For: Walking, running, bicycling, leashed dogs, skating, roller blading, pushing strollers, wheelchairs

Hours: Dawn to Dusk

Special Considerations: The greenway may be closed for special events where it passes the amphitheatre. This is a relatively unshaded trail. There is a signalized crossing for bikers and pedestrians going across Regency Parkway to Swift Creek Greenway.

Restrooms: None

Features: Symphony Lake

Benches: Yes

Connects To: Koka Booth Amphitheatre, Swift Creek Greenway


Koka Booth Amphitheatre Entrance: From the VIP parking lot on Regency Parkway, take the short path down to the lake.  From there the path goes in either direction around the lake.  Swift Creek Greenway takes off on the north side of the dam across Regency Parkway.

Angelica Circle to Glade Park Road:Entrance can be also be made from the Angelica Circle side on Regency Parkway to either the flood plain leading back to Symphony Lake or to the greenway section 10' off of the Regency Parkway, terminating at Glade Park Road. Parking on this side will have to be on-street.

From Swift Creek Greenway: Entrance can be made from the north side of the pedestrian bridge on Swift Creek along Regency Parkway.


  • Koka Booth Amphitheatre VIP Parking Lot
  • From the Swift Creek Greenway Trail Along Regency Parkway
  • From the Glade Park Road or Angelica Circle Entrances to Greenway on Regency Parkway

Greenway Construction Project