Oxxford Hunt Photo

Oxxford Hunt greenway picks up south of the Bond Park Boathouse, where the Black Creek Greenway separates off from the Bond Lake Trail and heads east out of the park and across Cary. Oxxford Hunt Greenway joins with Bond Lake Trail for a short while until the Lake Trail breaks off and goes out to the west along the lake's edge.

Oxxford Hunt Greenway heads southeastward out of Bond Park and into the Oxxford Hunt neighborhood, closely following a small creek. There is a pedestrian underpass at West Chatham Street, and then the greenway follows along the edge of Hoffman Lake before coming out to follow along West Chatham Street for another 0.2 miles. Future plans would extend the trail further to Old Apex Road. While this trail is in the neighborhood it is a private trail open to public use.Oxxford Hunt Greenway Map


Length: 1.1 miles

Trail Width/Surface: Varies 3-10 feet, mostly unpaved

Used For: Walking, running, walking leashed dogs

Hours: Dawn to Dusk

Special Considerations: Narrow in places, mostly unpaved with uneven surface

Restrooms: Bond Park Boathouse

Special Features: Hoffman Lake

Benches: Yes

Connects To: Bond Lake Trail, Black Creek Greenway


From Bond Park Boathouse, take Black Creek Greenway and continue straight when Black Creek heads left. Continue straight when the path around Bond Lake turns right. Just after the bridge, head right around the back edge of the tennis courts to avoid the private playground, tennis courts and pool area of Oxxford Hunt Neighborhood. Continue around until you pick up the greenway trail from the edge of the pool parking lot. Follow the trail through the wooded area behind houses until you come to the underpass at West Chatham Street. From there follow on around Hoffman Lake, and you will eventually come to West Chatham Street.


On-street parking on small side streets off of West Chatham Street or at the Bond Park Boathouse parking lot.