JTT Fall

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Important Fall 2019 JTT Information

NEW THIS SEASON: ONLINE REGISTRATION! You can register in person, via mail, or online. **You will pick your practice night at the time of registration.**  Registration opened August 6 and runs until the first class begins.

9/3 - Nov/Dec

Week of 9/3 - Week of 10/21
Monday practices do not practice on 9/2 but will have their last practice on 10/28

Start 10/4 & 10/5

$130 (Resident)/$150 (Non-Resident) 

Helpful tips for this season:

  • All our communication is done via email. You must make sure you enter a valid email address at the time of registration so you receive all communications regarding the season.
  • A valid USTA Membership is required to participate. You will need to obtain this membership and submit your child's USTA number prior to the season starting. You can get this from usta.com.
  • There are no make-ups for practices missed for personal reasons.
  • Make-ups due to rain/weather will be posted here.
  • JTT is for players who can rally and serve (except for the 8 and under division). Players who are not able to rally and serve should try Starter JTT. 
  • Practice Location: 8 & Under Division will practice at Cary Tennis Park (2727 Louis Stephens Drive, Cary). All other divisions will practice at Annie Jones Park (1414 Tarbert Drive, Cary). 
  • Player Evaluation: Players will be evaluated during the first weeks of practice for team placement.
  • Parent Meeting: There will be a brief parent meeting at the first 10 minutes of the first practice.
  • There will be a pizza party at the last match of the season.

8 & Under
(must be 5 1/2 at the start of the season and not turn 9 prior to 12/31/19)

Monday 6 pm (130456)
Tuesday 6 pm (130457)
Wednesday 6 pm (130458)
Thursday 6 pm (130459)

Monday 5 pm (130473)
Tuesday 7 pm (130474)
Wednesday 6 pm (130471)
Thursday 7 pm (130475)
10 & Under
(must be 8 at the start of the season
and not turn 11 prior to 12/31/19)

12 & Under
(must be 10 at the start of the season
and not turn 13 prior to 12/31/19)
Monday 6 pm (130470)
Tuesday 7 pm (130460)
Wednesday 5 pm (130472)
Thursday 7 pm (130461)

14 & Under/18 & Under
(14s must be 12 at the start of the season and not turn 15 prior to 12/31/19; 18s
must be 16 at the start of the season and not turn 19 prior to 12/31/19)

Monday 7 pm (130463)
Tuesday 4 pm (130464)
Tuesday 5 pm (130465)
Wednesday 4 pm (130466)
Wednesday 7 pm (130467)
Thursday 4 pm (130468)
Thursday 5 pm (130469)

Match Times & Locations

Please Note: Depending on the size of the divisions, some overflow matches may be held on Saturdays at 9 or 10:30. However, your child's team will not play on every Saturday.