BIG Pictures: Museum Without Walls

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Russ Hughes
Zeynep Guvenc
Fran DeRespinis

BIG PICTURES is an outdoor display of large banners designed for fencing with artworks/artist statements. A curated selection of artworks initially from artists whose works were previously scheduled for inside gallery display.   

BIG PICTURES is a temporary rotating art exhibition in outdoor locations. Artwork is printed on large vinyl banners and attached to fencing. The rotating exhibition will be on display for approximately six months. Initial installation will be Thomas Brooks Baseball Park. Future sites may include other parks and facilities that incorporate large stretches of chain-link fencing.  

This curated exhibition will include a diverse selection of artworks (representational, abstract, photo, documentary, and artists’ statements or poetry). In response to the closures of most galleries, museum spaces and Town community centers (all spaces where artwork would be on display) BIG PICTURES – Museum Without Walls is a grand scale exhibition for all to enjoy and discuss. 

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