Local food and community gardens are an important component to a healthy lifestyle. The Town of Cary has developed ordinances and policies that support residents’ interests in planting and raising their own food, and to provide an outlet for local farmers to bring their food into the community. Learn more about how the Town supports local food.

Community Gardens

Community gardens are a great way to grow and share vegetables with your neighbors and friends. The Town supports community gardens and has provided resources and policies on its website. Learn more about the community garden planned for Carpenter Park and get ready to grow your own healthy vegetables with your friends and neighbors.

Farmer’s Markets

The Town supports local farmers, healthy choices, and community, making the downtown farmer's market the perfect combination for our revitalizing downtown. Learn more about local farmer’s markets and make plans to buy local food today.


Want local fresh, local eggs right in your back yard? The Town has an ordinance that allows homeowners to raise chickens.


What could be better than local honey? The Town has developed an ordinance that allows homeowners to raise bees.

Other Regional Resources

The 10% Campaign lists farmers markets, restaurants, and stores committed to supporting our local food economy.