Water Main Installation Process

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Replacing water mains is fascinating work. Here is the typical seven-step process for planned installations; emergency  replacements/repairs may follow different protocol:

1. Mobilization and Locate Existing Utilities 

Step 1 - mob 2Step 1 - mob 1

Equipment/supplies are mobilized. Underground lines and utilities such as fiber, cable, gas, water/wastewater, and traffic signal communication lines are located and marked on the ground; see what the different colors represent.

2. Installation of New Water Main 

Mill resize  Step 2 - install 3

The asphalt is milled to dig a trench. The new and inactive water main is placed and connections are made to existing system.

The trench is backfilled to the surface of  the road or existing grade if located outside of the road. 

Install pipe custom       backfill pipe custom   

Process is repeated down the street corridor until a critical tie-in point is reached (typically another intersection or end of a street). 

3. Water Main Testing  

Testing customTesting 2 custom

During this critical stage you may see little to no construction activity for approximately two weeks.  

The water main is put under pressure to ensure it was installed correctly. To confirm the water main is properly disinfected and meets our water quality requirements, we conduct two rounds of testing that are performed by certified labs. Additional testing and flushing continue until passing results are achieved.

4. Service Lines Connected

water meter (Custom) Step 4 - new water meter 3

A new water service line and meter box to each property is installed and is generally located in close proximity to the existing one. Water service is shut down while the new connections are made.
NOTE: It may take a few days for multiple service lines to be installed along the street before the connections are finalized. Property owner(s) are notified 24 hours in advance of the service line switch over that typically take 2-4 hours to complete, but at times could take longer.  

When water is turned back on, each property's outdoor water hose bib will be run to help flush the system and remove any air in the line. 

5. Old Water Main Abandonment 

Old water mains are drained, pumped full of a grout and abandoned.

6. Restoration 

Step 6 - resotration 1 Step 6 - restoration 3

All disturbed areas such as grass, concreted sidewalks or curbs are restored to existing conditions or better, and the trenched areas are re-paved. Once these items are completed the project area is swept and cleaned. 

7. Punch List 

The Town inspects the work and develops a punch list of items that need final repair/restoration. 
Remaining work is typically completed within 2-4 weeks.