The Town annually and proactively replaces water mains whose age and condition make them vulnerable to unexpected service interruptions and costly repairs. The 2020 water main replacement project locations are shown in the map below and listed beneath. The water mains on these streets will be upgraded to ductile iron pipe designed to the current Town of Cary standards in order to continue providing high-quality water service to these areas.

This project involves replacing the water main along a portion of Academy Street (Ambassador Loop to Chapel Hill Road), a portion of Griffis Street (Dorothy Drive to W Cornwall Road), a portion of Pond Street (W Cornwall Road to Maynard Road), Rose Street, Gordon Street, Washington Street (E Cornwall Road to Briarcliff Street), and the second phase of the Walnut Hills subdivision which includes Sturdivant Drive (Walnut Street to Scott Place), Manchester Drive (Sturdivant Drive to Wickham Hills Place), Kimbolton Drive (Manchester Drive to Shincliffe Court), Ivy Lane (Walnut Street to end), Lyerly Lane, Champion Drive, Lane Drive (Ivy Lane to Sturdivant Drive) and Askham Drive. 

Project Award: The project has been awarded to Moffat Pipe, Inc.

Schedule: Construction of the project is underway. Work in your neighborhood/street will begin based on the contractor's schedule. Please see below for a schedule breakdown of each work area included in this year's project:

  • Academy St: The water main work in this area has been completed. Resurfacing of the entire width of the road will occur in Fall 2020.
  • Griffis St: The work in this area is set to begin in late October of 2020.
  • Pond St/Rose St/Gordon St: The work in this area is currently underway and is set to be completed in November of 2020.
  • Washington St: The water main work in this area has been completed.
  • Walnut Hills (Phase II): The work in this area is scheduled to begin in early 2021.