A New Signal for Pedestrian Safety

A new traffic signal is being installed on Evans Road for the Crabtree Creek Greenway trail crossing, designed to improve safety for trail users crossing this busy street. While Pedestrian Hybrid Beacons are perhaps new to drivers here, they are a proven safety measure used across the country. This is the first one in Cary; there are several in use elsewhere in the Triangle.

How Does it Work?

For Drivers

Red still means stop and yellow means yield, but there is no green. The signal is dark until activated by a pedestrian and will go dark again at the end of the cycle. Activation starts a yellow to red sequence of steady and flashing lights that directs motorists to slow and come to a stop. The pedestrian signal then flashes a WALK display to the pedestrian. Once the pedestrian has safely crossed, the hybrid beacon again goes dark.



For Trail Users

Push the button to activate the cycle and follow the directions on the Pedestrian Signal.


View a video describing how these devices operate.