Advanced Traffic Management System

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Project Background

The Town of Cary's Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) encompasses 32 traffic cameras, over 100 miles of fiber optic cable and 189 state-of-the-art traffic signal controllers. It is one of the most advanced in North Carolina. The ATMS helps engineers fine tune signal timing, react to traffic incidents more efficiently and maneuver cameras to better identify traffic issues, all of which help improve the flow of traffic and improve safety. Citizens can tune into traffic images on Cary TV 11 before leaving home to choose the best routes.

Project Scope

This spring, the Town of Cary will begin upgrading its 10-year old ATMS with the upgrade of its traffic signal system software. In the project’s first phase, staff will test the traffic signals and closed circuit television cameras along NC 55 to determine if the new ATMS software and hardware meet all requirements and specifications before moving into the full-scale deployment. Drivers should not notice any changes as they travel through these intersections. The new traffic software, video system and Ethernet IP communication system software/hardware will enhance Town staff’s abilities to monitor traffic, adjust traffic signal operations and share live video.

Signal System Features

  • 100 miles of fiber optic cable network that link closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras and traffic signals to the Traffic Command Center

  • 32 CCTV cameras at key intersections

  • Fiber optic connections to fire stations, parks and other Town facilities

  • Approximately 189 state-of-the-art traffic signal controller devices

  • Emergency vehicle preemption that gives  fire trucks, EMS and police vehicles first priority

  • Live video feeds are shared with North Carolina Department of Transportation  Statewide Transportation Center, Cary’s 911 Communication Centers, Cary TV and local media

  • New software with logic programming capabilities that allow engineers to design and program specific features such as leading pedestrian crossing and full protected left turn by time of day

  • Sharing of fast fiber-optic cable by traffic signal data and CCTV video feeds in the upgraded Ethernet IP communication network

  • Wink TV - Closed circuit television cameras send video feeds to Cary's signal system specialists and the Town's government access channel, Cary TV 11. This allows motorists to tune in to Cary TV 11 during weekday rush hour programming blocks (6-9 a.m. and 4-6 p.m.) to view real-time traffic conditions before they drive, enhancing their trip planning abilities.

Project Cost

The total cost of the project is estimated to be approximately $2.9 million, which includes design and system integration. Funding for this project was approved by Cary voters as part of the 2012 Community Investment Bonds Referendum.


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