Reedy Creek RoadWidening Project _ 6-29-18

Project Background

Reedy Creek Road is currently a two-lane facility with an occasional turn lane and roadside ditches, giving the road a rural feel. This thorough street connects Harrison Avenue to Maynard Road while serving as the main collector for many communities, schools, and a church. Cary has recognized the need for a “complete street” design in this area, incorporating multimodal transportation needs to allow individuals to choose their preferred mode of travel. The proposed design will address needs of individuals who have a variety of mobility needs and abilities.

Construction plans to widen Reedy Creek Road (SR 1650) between N Harrison Avenue (SR 1652) and NE Maynard Road (NC 54) are complete. Right-of-way acquisition has begun on this project.  Funding for this project has been appropriated within the current budget and partial funding is allocated through the Locally Administered Project Program (LAPP) for the Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (CAMPO). The design process included input from our citizens and has resulted in a project that provides positive enhancements for our community including increased mobility and safety along this corridor.

Project Scope

  • Widen Reedy Creek Road to a consistent three-lane cross section
  • Provide sidewalks along the corridor to improve pedestrian connectivity in the area
  • Provide bike lanes to accommodate cyclists
  • Provide a 12' landscape median where turn lanes are not required
  • Provide a roundabout at the intersection of Wyatt's Pond Lane and Reedy Creek School to help accommodate AM peak hour traffic
  • Provide a smaller roundabout at the intersection of Dynasty Drive/Electra Drive to reduce speeding and increase pedestrian safety
  • Provide minor increase in roadway capacity
  • Reduce shoulder maintenance and associated drop-offs at the edge of pavement

Reedy Creek 1

Reedy Creek 2

Project Schedule

  • 2018: Right-of-way acquisition
  • 2019: Private utility coordination and relocations
  • 2020/2021: Roadway Construction