Morrisville Parkway Extension and NC 540 Interchange Project History

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Spring 2019 Construction Update

After a very wet winter, construction is close to 50 percent complete and work is starting to ramp back up including:

  • ABC stone is being placed on the entire east side of the project, followed by curb and gutter installation and paving scheduled in April and May.
  • The North Carolina Turnpike Authority’s (NCTA) fiber optic trunk line has been relocated, allowing for grading operations to begin on the ramp and loop on the west side
  • The traffic shift has been installed on the southbound lanes of NC 540, including concrete barrier.
  • Over the next four months construction activities will focus on completing the ramp and loop on the west side of the project.
  • Overhead sign and gantry column construction will begin in April/May
  • All work associated with the interchange is scheduled to be completed this year with the exception of the new toll site construction recently requested by NCTA.
  • New toll site construction is scheduled to begin this summer. Timeframes for completion are not currently known.



Winter 2018 Construction Update

Construction is close to 40 percent complete and progress has been slow due to rainy weather.

Construction of Morrisville Parkway, between Twyla Road and Highcroft Drive, is approaching completion with the exception of the final layer of asphalt. Concrete paving at the ramp and loop tie-ins to NC 540 have been completed. Twyla Rd has been rerouted to allow for grading operations east of 540 that will support the eastern bridge approach and roundabout. Grading operations will continue this winter in advance of additional roadway work scheduled for this spring.




Fall 2018 Construction Update

Construction is close to 30 percent complete despite the rainy weather.

Grading and storm drainage are well underway, and the waterline is almost complete. Concrete paving at the ramp and loop tie-ins and should be complete in early September. The main “critical path” activity is rerouting Twyla Rd to begin grading operations for the eastern roundabout. Paving operations are scheduled to begin this fall starting at Highcroft and tying to the rerouted Twyla Rd. 


Summer 2018 Construction Update

Grading operations, as well as waterline and storm drainage installation, are ongoing. The project is approximately 20 percent complete. After the July 4 holiday, the contractor is planning to begin paving operations along NC 540 in advance of constructing the loops and ramps that will connect NC 540 to Morrisville Parkway.


Looking east from 540 towards Fryers Gate.


Looking south along 540 towards Apex.


Looking south along 540 towards Apex.