Neighborhood Park on Carpenter Fire Station Road

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Project Update

Construction design is in progress. 

Project Background

A proposed 20.8-acre neighborhood park site is located at the southeast corner of Carpenter Fire Station Road and Highcroft Drive in northwest Cary. Approximately 16.8 acres of the park land was obtained by a dedication from the Cameron Pond subdivision rezoning. The Town of Cary later purchased four additional residential parcels that front Carpenter Fire Station Road. 

Master planning for this park and the park on McCrimmon Parkway started in the fall of 2017. Public involvement included public information meetings in January and November of 2018; an on-line questionnaire for public input; a Citizens Resource Team which met three times to provide input on the proposed program and plans; and presentations to the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources and Public Art Advisory Boards. On June 27, 2019, the Cary Town Council approved the master plan and master plan report for the Neighborhood Park on Carpenter Fire Station Road along with the master plan for the park on McCrimmon Parkway. Construction funding for these parks is included in the Parks Bond approved by Cary voters in October 2019.

Project Scope

The master plan for this neighborhood park creates a vibrant and lively space within a wooded setting, offering varying levels of recreation and social interaction ranging from organized sporting events, to informal play, to quiet and reflective spaces.  A wide wooded buffer of existing and planted trees along the borders of the park will provide an attractive environment for park visitors and help shield neighbors from lights and noisy activities. The forested slopes at the southern edge of the park offer opportunities for enjoyment of nature as well as protection of water quality in Panther Creek. The program was selected to provide play opportunities for everyone - families, teens, young adults and “the boomer generation”.

  • Two lighted youth ballfields
  • Playground
  • Reservable shelter, restroom and other shade structures
  • Dog park
  • Basketball/Futsal Court
  • Activity nodes for teens
  • Adult fitness hub
  • Misting feature/sculpture as gateway to park’s center
  • Paved loop trails and link to Panther Creek Greenway.
  • Extension of Panther Creek Greenway to link to Cameron Pond subdivision and to developer-built trail east of the park
  • Public art will be integrated into the misting feature and other park elements
  • Landscape buffers along Highcroft to shield neighbors from park lighting
  • Access from Carpenter Fire Station Road and Highcroft Drive with approximately 160 parking spaces on site.

Project Cost and Schedule

Budget: $11,750,000 for design and construction. 

Funding for construction is included in the FY20 and FY21 budgets, using the Parks Bonds approved by voters in October 2019.

Construction is anticipated to start in 2021.

Project Documents

Link to Project Page for the Neighborhood Park on McCrimmon Parkway

Appendix to the Master Plans for Carpenter Fire Station Rd Park and McCrimmon Park:

  • Meetings Appendix Part 1
  • Meetings Appendix Part 2
  • Meetings Appendix Part 3
  • Meetings Appendix Part 4
  • Meetings Appendix Part 5



Amy Mackintosh, PLA
Landscape Architect
Transportation & Facilities Department
(919) 460-4973