Street Improvements

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Project Scope
Starting in spring and continuing through the fall, the Town performs annual routine street maintenance work to keep the public roadways in acceptable condition. This results in a cost-effective use of limited available funds, and provides maximum benefit to the traveling public by enhancing the safety of the roadway and improving the ride comfort of the road surface. Due to budget shortfalls through recent years, the Town is in need of additional revenue sources to supplement our annual street improvement program and to catch up on outstanding maintenance needs.
Project Cost and Schedule
The estimated total project cost is $5,000,000, which includes contract documents, and roadway improvement and repair costs. Funding for this project was approved by Cary voters as part of the 2012 Community Investment Bonds referendum.
The anticipated schedule for this project is summarized as follows:
Phase 1
  • 2013 Street Improvements (Complete)
Phase 2
  • 2014 Street Improvements (Complete)
Phase 3
  • 2015 Street Improvements (Construction Summer/Fall 2015)
Project Background
The purpose of the street improvement program is to maintain the Town’s public street system of 458 miles of roads. The goal is to have a reliable infrastructure to facilitate public safety, commerce and public convenience. A good maintenance program helps to avoid full reconstruction costs at a later time. Many Town streets built in the late 1980s and early 1990s are approaching or have exceeded their 20-year service life. Conditions of many of these streets have begun to deteriorate, and performing maintenance repairs and resurfacing in the near future will be significantly less expensive than waiting several years.
Annual maintenance of existing Town streets is provided to protect the Town’s investment in these facilities and to ensure an adequate quality driving and riding surface is provided at an optimized life-cycle cost. Presuming a 20-year life cycle of a street, approximately 5% of the Town’s streets require resurfacing each year, but that goal has not been achieved due to funding shortfalls. A total of 10 miles, or 2.3% of Town-maintained streets, were repaired and resurfaced in the 2010 Street Improvements Project, and only 4.6 miles, or 1.1% of streets, were repaired and resurfaced in 2011. The 2012 Street Improvements project included 7.9 miles, or 1.9% of Towns streets. The specific purpose of using bond fund revenue is to supplement the Town’s annual resurfacing dollars to make up from budget shortfall differences and ensure that Town streets are maintained.
Project Facts
The total estimated length of streets to be improved and repaired as part of the bond project is anticipated to be 22-25 miles, or roughly 5% of the total miles maintained by the Town. The amount included in the bond project will be in addition to the funding allocated in the Town’s Fiscal Year 2013, 2014 and 2015 budgets. General types of repairs include asphalt base repairs, concrete work, milling and structural adjustments, asphalt surface treatment, asphalt resurfacing, preventative maintenance, pavement markings, and signage.