Fenton Mixed Use Development Q&A

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Questions submitted by citizens about the Fenton Mixed Use Development will be answered on this page. If you'd like to submit your own question, you can do so on the main Fenton page

Sales/Leasing Questions

When is the official groundbreaking for this project?
When is Wegman Fenton in Cary going to open?
When is the estimated completion date for this project?
Can we get leasing information for Fenton?
Have builders been identified for the residential detached homes?
What is the approximate condominium pricing?
If the company has trouble leasing to retail tenants, what happens? They are seeking "Chef Led restaurants" and online stores adding brick & mortar locations. What if those ideas do not materialize?

Zoning or Development Agreement Questions

Will more office be added?
Is there a guarantee about the eight parking decks being wrapped by the buildings?
How much notice will citizens have when the draft Development Agreement is available for review? And how soon in 2018 is this anticipated?
Was there any proactive notice that the Development Agreement was available for review? When and what form was that notice?

Transportation Questions

How will transportation impacts be addressed by Fenton?
Two street alignments would help Fenton and the Mall integrate with downtown. (1) East Park Street could tie into Fenton for a direct access downtown.
(2) Also, if possible, Trinity Road should be connected directly to Convention Drive and extend to Walnut Street.
Will consideration be given to incorporating pedestrian and bicycling facilities into the Cary Towne Blvd corridor and the bridge over I-40, given the need for non-motor vehicle access to Fenton?
Will the middle of the development be kept to bikes and pedestrians? North Hills has been ruined by allowing cars to drive through the middle. Please keep cars to the parking decks and periphery!
Fenton and Cary Towne Center are only a quarter mile apart. There will lots of pedestrian traffic between these two major centers. How will pedestrians get across Cary Towne Boulevard? Can a bridge or pedestrian tunnel under the road be built?

Wake Med Soccer Park Questions

What would happen to the Wake Med Soccer Park if access comes through the park? Is the soccer park being relocated?
What will happen to the cross country trails and races?

General Questions

Who is the general contractor on the Fenton project?
I have a comment I'd like to share with the Town about this project. Whom can I contact?
To what extent will the developers be incorporating green, zero waste, and carbon neutral initiatives? There is a significant lack of attention to green initiatives in the design handbook.
Why is the Town removing the few woods that we have left in Cary? Cary Town Center is immediately across the street – it could be revitalized rather than removing this beautiful green space.
Are there rain gardens in the parking lots?