Shearon Harris Nuclear Power Plant

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The Shearon Harris Nuclear Power Plant sits about 10 miles outside of Cary Town Limits. It is owned and operated by Duke Energy, and all public notifications originate from Wake County Emergency Management

To keep the public informed, Duke Energy annually mails neighbors within a 10-mile radius emergency planning information and outlines evacuation routes for those closest to the plant. Duke Energy also tests sirens throughout the year to make sure each siren works properly. Listen to a sample siren test.

2020 Siren Test Dates

Full-Volume tests (5-30 seconds)

  • July 8

Full-Volume Test (3 minutes)

  • October 14

In addition to the above test dates, regularly scheduled siren testing occurs on Wednesdays, and further testing may occur at other times as part of ongoing maintenance.

If you hear a loud, steady sound coming from one of the sirens around the nuclear station, tune to a local radio or TV station. These stations will carry an emergency alert information (EAS) message from local officials to give you information and instructions on what to do.

Hearing a siren does not mean you should evacuate. It simply means to tune to a local radio or television station for information. If sirens are sounding and you do not see or hear a message on radio or television, contact the Wake County Emergency Management Office

For complete safety and communications information, visit the Shearon Harris Nuclear Plant