Covid-19: Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated September 4, 2020

We're collecting COVID-19-related FAQs on this page, including questions about facility availability, the Safer at Home Phase 2 Order, rules around face coverings in public, and more. Check out the NCDHHS FAQs for additional information.

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Per Governor Cooper's Executive Order 147, face masks are now required in both indoor and outdoor public spaces where physical distancing of six feet is not possible at all times. 

Are Cary citizens required to wear face coverings?
When should I wear a cloth face covering?
Where are masks required?
What do I do if I see people not wearing a mask in public spaces?
I own/manage a business. What do I do if people try to enter without a mask?
What are the exceptions to wearing face masks?
Do I need to wear a face covering while exercising outdoors? 
Should children wear cloth face coverings?


Staying Informed

Keep up-to-date on the latest information for COVID-19 in North Carolina and Cary, including information on testing centers, best practices, and resources.

Where can I get the latest information on COVID-19 in North Carolina and Cary?
Where can I find information from the CDC?
Who can I call for more information?
What are the symptoms of COVID-19, and when do they appear?
I think I have coronavirus, or have been exposed to someone who has it. How do I get tested?
What is community spread?


Executive and Stay at Home Orders

On September 4, North Carolina entered Phase 2.5 of the state's reopening, which eases some restrictions on the previous Stay at Home and Safer at Home Orders. Face coverings and gathering limits are still a requirement under this phase.

Does Phase 2.5 lift the Governor's Stay at Home Order?
When does Phase 2.5 go into place?
What stays the same in Phase 2.5?
Under the Safer at Home Phase 2 order, where can't I go?
Can I go outside during Phase 2.5?
Are parks and greenways open? Are public basketball, volleyball, and tennis courts open?
Do businesses need to get an official letter of authorization from the Town of Cary or Wake County to operate?
How many people can be in a business at once?
How are you enforcing executive orders?


Citizen Resources

If you are a business owner, employee, or citizen that has been affected by COVID-19 in Cary, these resources can help get you through.

I am a business owner and need clarification on whether or not my business can operate. Who do I contact?
I lost my job. Can I get unemployment?
I'm worried about making my utility bill payment. Can you help?