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Downtown Park aerial shot

Moving Ahead with Branding

North Star Destination Strategies is now under contract following the Town Council’s unanimous vote on May 10 to approve the Economic Development Committee’s hiring of the company. The initiative’s public kickoff, which will occur in September, will serve as the main program topic for the annual boards and commissions event.

School of Government Graduation

School of Government group work

Another cohort of Cary citizens graduated from the Town’s School of Government in May. This six-week program continues to be a wonderful resource for citizens to learn more about government operations, as well as more specific Cary topics. This year, the School of Government devoted a class to the Imagine Cary Community Plan, which helped students make the crucial connections between our daily work and the goals of goals of the community plan. The group was also able to experience behind-the-scenes operations at the Cary/Apex Water Treatment Facility, Public Works and our Public Safety departments.

Cary's PIT Crew Activated

The Imagine Cary Project Implementation Team, or PIT Crew, is a multi-departmental team of staff focused on implementation of the Imagine Cary Community Plan.

The PIT Crew has been meeting over the past year to develop a detailed understanding of the Strategic Initiatives and Actions in the Plan. The Imagine Cary Community Plan articulates Cary’s vision and values and sets a course for Cary to continue to be a premier community that offers new opportunities to citizens. Through thoughtful examination of the multiple elements of the plan, staff was able to align multiple focus areas. The four primary focus areas include Economic Development, Land Development, Move/Transportation and Strong Neighborhoods. These focus areas, which connect the Strategic Initiatives and Actions of each chapter, were used to organize the PIT Crew into four focus teams. The focus teams met during the fourth quarter to create an Action Planning Guide. This guide will be an object in Salesforce that connects the Plan’s Strategic Initiatives and Actions with Projects and Services in the Catalog. It will also propose the following information for each Action: action overview, status, lead staff, internal and external partners, Projects and Services Catalog records, groupings and sequence, goals, milestones  and  performance measures.

The diverse input from each member of the PIT Crew has created a strong environment to collaborate and capitalize on  existing  opportunities  for  implementation of Imagine Cary. The Focus Teams will continue to meet and new staff are being brought in to collaborate further on the Action Planning Guide. The collaboration of the PIT Crew will continue to open doors to share resources and identify  cross-departmental opportunities for staff to work together to meet the vision of the Imagine Cary Community Plan.

Staff Report Next Steps

The Next Steps section of staff reports is intended to provide Council and citizens with a better understanding of what happens after Council acts on an item.