In Moving Cary Forward

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Sean StegallI am pleased to present the second quarter financial and operational report in our newly-revised format, which reflects our commitment not only to highlighting our results but also to presenting this information in a manner reflective of our trajectory to be among the highest performing organizations in the world.

After a successful first quarter meeting in November, our financial position remains strong, and we are continuing on our journey to implement the vision of the Imagine Cary Community Plan.

For all our progress and success, there’s still more to do. There’s more to do because citizen needs and expectations continue to increase, competition from other local governments intensifies, and the regulatory environment  continues to evolve as we saw at the close of December with the passage of the federal Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. All of this highlights once again that the world is in a state of accelerating change.

In the face of so much disruption, there’s no time like the present for a reality check -- to acknowledge that yesterday’s formula for success could become obsolete, to recognize that for all our strengths we have challenges, to rethink and refine our strategic focus.

On  February  9-10,  we will gather together for our annual Council/Staff retreat. The importance of these two days cannot be overstated. It is our time to get up in the “balcony” to reflect on our success and continue to build a team that will allow us to meet the goals stated in the  Imagine Cary Community Plan.

There’s no time like this retreat to assess the balance between strategy and execution, between discipline and investment, between a proud  past and a future that requires constant innovation.

In Keeping Cary Great,

Sean R. Stegall
Town Manager