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Technology Related Initiatives

G&H International

GH logoTo support implementation of the Imagine Cary Community Plan, the Town Manager’s Office is launching an effort to examine how innovative, smart technology can be leveraged to provide a collaborative platform, as well as the analytical capabilities our organization needs, in order to implement the Town’s strategic priorities. 

Our consultant, G&H International, began work in Q1 with Town staff to facilitate an experimental/innovative culture necessary to maximize technology investment, support and improve operational processes, leverage and integrate data for smart decision making, and engage citizens and the private sector in a meaningful way. The goal is to create a fully integrated, smart city platform that will enable Cary to realize the Imagine Cary Community Plan.

A key to achieving this goal is establishing a collaborative governance structure that engages stakeholders in a manner that minimizes investment and risk, allows for technology and capability experimentation, and empowers agency management and staff to ultimately implement a set of collaborative and analytical capabilities that meet needs and priorities while also leveraging existing data and systems across town government.    

Cary and G&H will begin with two specific initiatives from the community plan – Stormwater Management and Strong Neighborhoods – to identify specific data and technological capabilities necessary to support those efforts.